Want to Future-Proof your club?

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27th August, Trinity Grammar School, Kew. Arrive at 9.30am for 10am. Light lunch will conclude the day by 1pm.

Want to sing the success of your club?

  • Join us at the annual Rotary District 9800 Success Seminar!
  • A seminar for every type of Rotarian - new, old, big or small!
  • Learn how to make your club even better and how to promote it!

The seminar will include:

  • special guest futurist talking about how Rotary fits into the Rotary of the future
  • What is a Rotary Showcase?
  • What is a Rotary Ambassador and what does s/he do?
  • What can we do better?
  • How can we tell our Rotary stories?
  • Multicultural Rotary, Young Rotary, Women in Rotary, and Experienced Rotarians working together - Rotary in Harmony!

Who should attend?

  • New Members
  • Old Members
  • Forward thinking Rotarians
  • Club Presidents
  • Club Secretaries
  • Club Membership Directors
  • Club Communicators
  • Anyone interested in improving their Rotary Club
  • Anyone interested in Rotary

This is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary and help your club stand out in the community.

Cost is $20 per head. BOOKINGS OPEN NEXT WEEK

For specific enquiries, e-mail: publicimage@rotarydistrict9800.org.au
(This information will be communicated to your Membership Chairs)

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