Group Vocational Exchange (GVE)

Group Vocational Exchange is a cultural and vocational exchange program for professional business men and women, aged between 25 and 40 years, and in the early years of their professional lives. Each exchange team is comprised of a Rotarian acting as the team leader and four specially selected team members.

In March 2017, District 9800 will have a District Vocational Exchange to District 3820 in the Philippines.

Is your Club interested in sponsoring a young professional?

The GVE / GSE Committee  would greatly appreciate your interest in support in any way.

Rotary clubs are asked to consider giving young professionals in their community the opportunity to experience the internationality of Rotary, to extend hospitality, to make lasting friendships and a difference in the lives of young people at an exciting time in their careers.

Team Members

The Group Vocational Exchange will provide travel grants for the team to visit the Philippines for four weeks, during March. Team members will experience the host country's institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships and exchange ideas. Friendly Rotarians will act as hosts and ensure that all the comforts of home are provided to team members.

Young professionals, aged 25 - 40, with a background in Basic Education and Literacy, Economic and Community Development, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution and Maternal and Child Health are encouraged to apply for this fully funded life changing experience.

Teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, plumbers, builders, engineers, finance managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, research scientists to name but a few professions could be approached to apply for involvement in this program.

Application Forms for GVE

Download the Group Study(Vocational) Exchange Brochure      Click here

Group Vocational Exchange - Team Member Application Form   Click here

Completed applications are to be sent to

Michael Lapina, District 9800 Group Vocational Exchange Team Leader.


Call Michael on 0414 586 607 for any additional information.

Follow the Group Study/ Vocational Exchange (GSE / GVE) Teams

You can also read of the journeys of previous GSE teams from District 9800 by reading their blogs. You will be amazed at what the teams experience across the world. The blog has all the latest GSE / GVE news from our District.

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