Youth Services Month


District Governor Julie Mason

A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do we know that his future will not be equal to our present?


For the past forty three years I have spent my professional career working with young people and over time I have come to appreciate their ideas, initiative and passion that usually results in positive results for other young people or those in need. It was an honour to see the charter of the first EarlyAct Club in District 9800 at Baden Powell College. Whilst Interact is a Rotary International endorsed program, EarlyAct does not enjoy that status and perhaps that should change. The development of the “Rotary Club” for Primary School students has impressed me beyond belief as I see students commit to projects to enrich their school, local community and indeed the international community. The collection of baby clothes for East Timor, school resources for Cambodia and cans for the local Salvation Army has been achieved with planning, precision packing and a visit to Donations in Kind. Early literacy programs have been conducted with preschool children and money raised for the Cancer Council, Bosalla Village in Cambodia and Disaster Aid in Fiji. In six years over 180 students have become Citizens of the world through a heightened sense of the power of collective service and many have gone on to join Interact at Baden Powell.

Let me tell you about Rhiana who recently went with her family to South Africa, decided to take some school resources because she was aware of the need, presented the resources and found out that the school has benefited from Rotary Foundation funds. The pictures tell the story!

We now have three Earlyact Clubs in our great District and if you want to give our next generation the opportunity to experience the wonder and satisfaction of “doing good in the world”, consider sponsoring a new EarlyAct Club. I am happy to help!

Visit from Wycheproof

For many years the Rotary Club of Keilor has provided support to the community in Wycheproof, a small regional locality in the centre of the Shire of Buloke, in North Western Victoria. Wycheproof has a population of six hundred people and is named after the smallest registered mountain in the world, standing at 148 metres above sea level or 43 metres above the surrounding plains. The economy of Wycheproof is driven mainly by wheat and the prolonged drought has brought many challenges to this community. Assistant Governor and Keilor Rotarian David Bourke came up with a fabulous idea to bring the students and teachers from Wycheproof P-12 College to Melbourne for an overnight camp and visit to Healesville Sanctuary. Significant funds have been raised to achieve this and support from ten Rotary Clubs, local business and community leaders will give one hundred and twenty children a life enriching experience. David Bourke, you are a Gift to the World!

Aspire Awards

I had the privilege to attend the first ever Inspire Awards. The aim of these awards is to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of people with a disability and whose vision and abilities make a difference to all around them. The awards were made possible by the Funds in Court, a self-funded division of the Supreme Court of Victoria. The recipient of the awards were nominated by their peers for their professional contribution and community participation. Rotarian Miranda Bain, in her capacity as Strategic Advisor to the Funds In Court, Supreme Court of Victoria lead the organisation of the awards and provided District 9800 with the opportunity to select the recipient, Rob Crestani, and to present the Community Volunteering Award for 2016.   Rob has had a long and distinguished association with Goalball, influencing the sport and its development in the community at an international level. Rob oversaw the running of eight Australian Goalball Championships and has held various executive roles within Victorian Goalball Association, Goalball Australia, and the International Blind Sports Federation A four-time Paralympian, Rob understands the link between being involved in an activity and the development of positive self-esteem and loves to see any vision-impaired person presented with the opportunities to grow and develop. It was wonderful to share this occasion with Neville John and Peter Frueh and to know that our Rotary presence will continue to be shared with the Chief Justice of Victoria, the President of the Human rights Commission, and representatives from the Transport Accident Commission, Portland House and Price Waterhouse Cooper.

You are a change maker and nothing should clean this notice off the boards of your heart!
 Israelmore Ayivor

Enjoy Rotary as you are……. a Gift to the World.

Ubuntu: I am, because you are.

Julie Mason

District Governor

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